why popularity sucks

Today, I’m going to talk about popularity – something nearly everyone wants, and only a ‘lucky’ few have. Talk about controversial, huh? So, here goes (also note the Mean Girls pic at the top – #Fetch)

Anyway, back to the subject. Popularity. Being the dictionary freak I am (not really) I decided to look up the definition for the word which is: ‘the state or condition of being liked, admired, or supported by many people.’ So basically, popularity is when everyone likes you – except it’s not really any more, is it?

I remember back in primary school that being popular was having friends – and you made friends because you were a nice, friendly person. Being popular wasn’t something that everyone was striving for – it came naturally, because you were being yourself. Popularity was certainly not the ultimate goal (owning all the books in Wimpy Kid series and being always being a member on Moshi Monsters was), nor was being the centre of attention all the time. Then came the villain in the story of popularity – secondary school.

So secondary school comes along, as so does a whole other lot of stuff – puberty (god I hate that word), boys, parties and and shedload more work (agreeably the worst part, not going to lie!). A suddenly popularity morphs into this great big thing that is the pinnacle of teenage life. And the thing is, you don’t even notice what’s happening until you’re in the middle of it – and suddenly, there is no way in, or out.

Popularity is suddenly not about making friends and being well-liked because you’re a genuinely nice person – it becomes about who has the nicest body or clothes, about who has the most boyfriends and who gets invited to the most parties. It feels like when you reach secondary school, popularity becomes an ugly thing – an ugly thing that most people want.

Society has made teenagers feel like being popular is the only option if we want to be successful, happy and have a good time. The truth is, it’s not. Sometimes popularity forces people to grow up too fast – suddenly they find themselves doing things that they’d never imagine that they would do at this age and they spend all their time putting on a fake persona, that they forget who they really are.

The truth is, popularity is not the be all and end all of teenage life. The truth is, being popular is not always the same as being well-liked. The truth is, popularity sucks.

So what’s your point of view? Tweet me @yourstrulytolu_ using the hashtag #PopularitySucks or comment below.


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