winter wishlist

I realised today that I haven’t done a fashion/beauty related post yet, so here is my 2015 winter wishlist, featuring my fave winter items (basically things I didn’t get for Christmas, lol). Here goes!

10. Visibly Soft Lip Balm (Vanilla Mint) – eos – £4.99

winter 1   With the winter blues setting in, what’s better to cheer you up that the delicious scent of vanilla mint and the magical moisturising powers of eos lipbalm.

9. Mermaid Beanie – Drop Dead – £25.00

winter 2

I have to admit I don’t suit hats the most – but the allure of this gorgeous beanie makes me want to change my mind – I mean, who wouldn’t want a beanie that says ‘I want to be a mermaid’?!

8. Slashed Mast Jean – Allsaints – £88

winter 3

I’ve been seriously lacking a pair of good slashed jeans in my closet – and these would be the perfect addition. Effortlessly cool and stylish – unfortunately with a not-so cool price tag.

7. Naked3 Palette – Urban Decay – £37.00

winter 4

This gorgeous new palette by Urban Decay should be on everyone’s wishlist – featuring 12 new beautiful shades, it’s guaranteed to spark up your makeup bag.

6. Unfollow T-shirt – Drop Dead – £30.00

winter 5

That’s right – another entry from Drop Dead on my wishlist – I love this shop! Honestly, this top is pretty funny yet sarcastic, and perfect for any budding tumblr girl (coughAcaciacough)

5. ‘They’re Real’ Mascara – Benefit – £19.50

winter 6

This mascara has been the top-selling in the UK for about 2 years – and for a good reason, too. I used to own one of these but then I sadly lost it – so it definitely needs to be replaced!

4. Bateman Coat – Drop Dead – £90.00

winter 7

Yes, another item from Drop Dead! It’s just starting to get chilly, and this gorgeous yet classy coat will certainly keep you warm and stylish! Also, I love the plaid pattern on the inside of the coat.

3. Black Jellies – JuJu – £18.00

winter 8

Juju jellies were a classic shoe staple in the 90s, and now they’re making a comeback! These gorgeous black jellies go with any outfit, so they obviously deserve a place on my wishlist!

2. Silver Hamsa Choker – Pretty Twisted – £3

winter 9

Chokers are again another staple accessory from 90s that everyone is loving at the moment. This choker offers a little bit more uniqueness from the usual tattoo choker – with a cute hamsa charm to show off your ‘spiritual awareness.’

1. World Tour Crew – Stussy – £45.00

winter 10

And the number one on my winter wishlist is….the World Tour Crew in black by Stussy! This classic crew is perfect for keeping warm and looking fresh in winter, and even though it was in the men’s section (lol), I’m pretty sure it will go with about anything in my closet!

So that was my winter wishlist of 2k15 – what would be on yours? Tweet yours answers to @yourstrulytolu_ using the hashtag #winterwishlist2k15 or comment below.


totally tolu


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