moving schools…

NB: I was going to use a St Trinians photo for the featured image – but to be honest, my school’s more like Abbey Mount from Wild Child!

Yes, the title is true. I am moving schools in about two weeks (*cue crying*). To be honest, I’ve always wanted to move schools – you know, after a while going to the same school becomes routine and boring – it feels like it would be refreshing to start again and meet new people. But when you’re actually faced with the reality of moving – it’s pretty scary. My school is a cosy(ish), small private all-girls school. When I first moved there from a state primary, it felt like a completely different world. But after a while, it became the ‘new normal’ I guess. I knew where everything was, I knew how things went, I knew everyone is my year and loads of people in different years. Overall, I was comfortable. 

Unfortunately, comfortable doesn’t last forever. Things change in life (otherwise it’d be pretty boring) – and sometimes big things – like what school you go to, change. To be honest, I’m thankful that I don’t have to undergo two big changes at the same time, like moving school and house. But for me, moving is still quite scary – after all, I’ve only attended two schools and moved house once in my entire life – moving is not a common thing for me.

As you’ve probably realised – it’s not the beginning of the year, or even of a new term. I have to move at the most awkward time possible (1 week after we come back from half term) due to ‘complications.’ I don’t even know which one’s better (moving at the start of the year vs moving midyear). To be fair, if you move at the start of the year it’s kind of a clean start – no-one’s started any work, and everyone’s getting used to going back to school again so you sort of blend in.

However, if you move if the middle of the year, you stick out like a sore thumb (whether that’s a good thing or not depends on your personality I suppose) but everyone wants to be friends with you, or at least get to know you (at the schools I’ve been at anyway) – but still you just feel disorientated after being ripped out of your own school and placed in a completely foreign one.

Luckily, the school that I’m going to is not a completely different world away from my new one (still all-girls, but this time grammar) and I do know a couple of people there, but they’re mostly friends of friends.

I guess I’m trying to look on the positive side of things – because I guess there are some positives of moving schools. The one that probably sticks out to me the most is being able to reinvent yourself. Sometimes, when you go to secondary school, you get trapped into being one person without even releasing it – and by the time you do realise it, it’s to late to change. Going to a new school is like having the chance to start over all again – this time you can choose who you want to be, and that’s sort of empowering, I guess.

But it also has its negatives, especially for me. Originally, I thought I’d be leaving after this year – but then the date kept on changing, from year 10, to the summer term, to two weeks after spring half-term, to one week after spring half-term (so basically from months to a couple of weeks). Honestly, I don’t feel ready to move schools. I don’t feel ready to drop my place on the netball team, my friends, my teachers, my place on the summer camping trip. I think I’m still pretending that I’m going to be a my own school in two weeks time – it doesn’t really feel like it’s sunk in. It’s definitely going to be tough – it’s already super stressful. But hopefully, I will triumph (crossing my fingers anyway!).

So anyway, as I’ve already mentioned, I’m moving in two weeks! I don’t know if I’ll have time to write a post on my first day, but I will keep you updated at least on the first week. Wish me luck! (PS: Putting this as #DeepStuff because I have no idea what else to put it as!)


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