pancakes and mardi gras

Okay, so I know Pancake Day was ages ago (3 days ago, to be exact) but I decided why not do a post about it today? Anyway, I’ve got to be honest with myself – everyone loves Pancake Day – I mean, why not love a day that encourages stuffing your face with delicious pancakes for no apparent reason (see featured image – yum!)? To be honest, it’s definitely on my top ten list of random holidays – but I’ve never actually gone and found out what it’s all about and more importantly, why. But now that I’ve done my research on this fabulous holiday, I’ve decided to impart some of my glorious wisdom upon you (wink wink).

For a start, the proper name for Pancake Day is actually Shrove Tuesday (or Mardi Gras, but I’m coming to that one in a minute), and it comes before Ash Wednesday, which is the first day of Lent (think: ‘I’m giving up chocolate for Lent.’). So basically, because Lent is a ‘penitential season’ (i.e. you pray a lot, repent your sins and deny yourself of things) where people usually give things up (commonly fatty/unhealthy food and drink), on Shrove Tuesday, people eat lots of foods that are rich and fatty, i.e. the beloved pancakes. But it doesn’t stop there!

Mardi Gras, is basically the French version of Pancake Day – in fact, Mardi Gras is French for ‘Fatty Tuesday’ (throwing a bit of my language skills in there, *wink*), and for the same reason people eat lots of fatty foods. However, there is also something called the Mardi Gras carnival (think Rio de Janeiro Carnival) which happens in the French Quarter of New Orleans, USA, amongst many other places in the world. Safe to say, it is a crazy carnival, but it seems ridiculously fun. (Fun Fact: I watched celebrations from the Mardi Gras carnival on Snapchat!)

Just like the Rio carnival, there are crazy costumes and parades organised by groups called krewes. They ride of floats and toss things called throws (basically little presents) such as strings of beads, doubloons and Moonpies. The traditional colours of the New Orleans Mardi Gras are purple (justice), gold (power) and green (faith). It’s basically a city wide celebration and it seems awesome! Imagine, your whole city partying for a couple of days – and don’t forget the pancakes either! Next Mardi Gras, I’ll be in New Orleans!

So, now you can show off your new knowledge of Pancake Day and Mardi Gras – or not. To be honest, I was going to end the post here – but first I’m going to tell you about a pancake fail I had recently, well…last night anyway.

It was about 10 past midnight (I’m a rebel, I know…) and I had a sudden craving for pancakes (literally two days after Pancake Day; I don’t even know what’s wrong with me). So I got all the ingredients out, and started making the batter. After I had made the batter, I was pretty satisfied with myself – I mean, I’ve actually never made my own pancakes before, and now I would get to have some all to myself at midnight.

However – I’ve never actually cooked the pancakes before… Five failed pancakes and one crusty fish slice later, and I was on the verge of tears. My pancakes were way too thin (stupid BBC recipes!) and as I had tried to turn them over, they had broken and collapsed onto the pan. By this point, I was all prepared to give up and go to bed hungry and annoyed, but I decided to give it one more chance.

My final pancake turned out kind of decent, so I decided to pack everything away, and wash up before enjoying my one successful pancake. Finally, I squirted a bit of golden syrup on it, then sat down and prepared to enjoy. In spat out my first mouthful immediately. It tasted like egg (ew!) and on a second look, it also looked a bit dodgy. In the end, I could only actually have one mouthful of the pancake (without getting food poisoning) – and frankly, it tasted slightly of egg, but mostly DISAPPOINTMENT. I literally went to bed so depressed (#prayfortolu).

But the story does have a happy ending. This morning, I attempted pancakes again (using my mum’s actually good recipe) and they worked! Finally, I ate my perfect pancakes (#happyendingsdohappen)

So that’s it for my first #RandomRave – hope you enjoyed!


totally tolu


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