starting a youtube channel

Hello again!

So recently, I have decided to join the ranks of all the internet greats. Forget Pewdiepie and Zoella and make way for…ME!

Okay, so I’m kidding obviously. But only about Pewdiepie and Zoella – I am actually starting up a Youtube channel! It’s probably going to be in the same vein at this blog: rants, random stuff, deep ramblings and beauty/fashion – so if you like my blog you will like my channel! But also, the cool thing about Youtube is that I can do things which I can’t really do with a blog, likes vlogs and gaming videos (probably the Sims!), which is super exciting.

If I’m being honest, I’ve always thought I could be a Youtuber – after all, how hard could it be to talk to a camera for a few minutes – I talk for much longer in real life anyway! So today, I decided to venture into the world of video blogging. (PS: My Youtube name is Totally Tolu – no surprise there!)

It’s safe to say, it’s way harder than it looks, and that’s coming from me (which probably doesn’t add any extra relevance – but oh well). But seriously guys, the next time to complain about a short video from a Youtuber, or say that it is an easy or lazy way to make a living, think again.

Anyway, today I decided to mess around with iMovie (on my iPad, since I have a PC and Windows Movie Maker isn’t showing up), and try to create anything resembling a basic youtube video. My final verdict was, that if I want to become a successful youtuber, it’s going to take a lot of work. Before I started the video, I had so many things in my head that I wanted to say, but as soon as the video started recording, I felt awkward and embarrassed (and also self-conscious that people could hear me even though there was only one other person in the house), and I think as a youtuber, that’s a thing you have to overcome. You have to forget that you’re literally talking to an inanimate object when you’re recording, and imagine that your viewers are sitting in front of you, and that you are talking to them (talk about a one-sided conversation!).

Another thing, is camera etiquette. Lots of famous youtubers look completely natural and normal in front of the camera – but something that most people don’t realise is that it takes a lot of work. I’m not a natural fiddler, but while I was filming I felt so nervous that I kept swinging from side to side and I swear my eyes never once looked straight at the camera (which I think might just be a weird thing that I do, since my eyes often travel when I talk for some reason). Which is a tip for everyone trying to make a youtube video – eye contact is important!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you to stare straight at the camera for the entirety of the video, but if your eyes are constantly flickering from corner to corner, you lose that connection with your viewers, and it’s all about the connection, baby!

After my iMovie fail, I decided to move onto the graphic side of being a Youtuber. Yep, the graphics. Graphics are actually quite important when you’re a Youtuber, so you can achieve those ultra-slick banners and thumbnails. Back in my forum days, I actually was pretty decent at graphics – but when I decided to have a go today, it was safe to say that I am more than rusty. I don’t actually have any decent editing software on my laptop, so I used some free editing websites to create my first youtube banner (if you want to make your own, try checking out PicMonkey and Pixlr). After about an hour of painful editing (the struggle is real), I made a good-enough banner, but it took me for ages to get it onto Youtube, because it kept cutting off the tops of the letters.  So, I’m going to put a couple of ones that I made down below (pls don’t judge).

totallytolu final 2

cosmic pixel final final

So yeah – that’s all I did for today! I still need to finalise my channel design, get a decent-ish set up and work on my camera technique – then the recording can begin! I’m so excited, and I hope that you guys will check out my videos when they are up. You never know, I could be the next Zoella! Anyway, if you want to be an early bird, you can subscribe to my channel here, and be the first to watch my first video! That’s it for today!


totally tolu


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