craziest beauty trends of 2015

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I haven’t done a #BeautyHub post in a while (I’ve literally only done one, lol) – so I thought today was the perfect day to do one! If you know anything about beauty, you’d know what there have been a lot of weird beauty trends in the past – from lead-based foundation in the Queen Elizabeth I’s time to the delicious weight-loss tapeworm diet of the early 20th century (have fun explaining that one to your doctor!), people have done seriously weird things to keep up with the latest trends in beauty.

So today, I thought I’d summarise the top ten craziest beauty trends of 2015 – just to show you that we’re all still as crazy as we were before when it comes to beauty! Here goes…

10. Granny hair

grey hair 10

At 10, we have the ‘granny hair’ trend – except this is not your average greying hair – but the glossy, high-finished silver grey hair of Instagram models. Personally, I think it’s nice that people are embracing the natural colour that all our hair eventually turns to – plus I think it actually looks quite nice, although it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. What do you think?


9. Mermaid hair


At 9, we have the fabulous creation of mermaid hair! Ever wanted to be a mermaid? Then mermaid hair is for you! This gentle mish-mash of soft pearly pinks and gorgeous baby blues is sure to have you looking like you just stepped of Aquamarine (or H20: Just Add Water). I’ve got to say I’m totally loving this hairstyle – or though I’m not so sure I would try it myself!


8. Bubble nails


At 8, we have the slightly concerning ‘bubble nails’. I have to admit that I’m not exactly a big fan of them. For a start, these ones totally remind me of these sweets called ‘bonbons’ – and they look really uncomfortable and generally impractical. Oh well – different folks, different strokes.


7. Glitter roots


At 7, we have the fabulous glitter roots! Got a bad case of dandruff – no problem! Just chuck a bottle of glitter on your hair – problem solved! Jokes aside, glitter roots are actually a crazy trend I could get behind – this girl’s mini buns look totally cute with her blue-purple glitter explosion. What are your thoughts?


6.  Glass nails

glass nails

At 6, we have glass nails – yes, you read that right GLASS nails.Straight out of South Korea, this iridescent manicure is actually made of a special holographic paper called ‘rainbow film’, carefully attached to the nail to create a glossy, reflective look. Personally, I think it looks insanely complicated – but still gorgeous.


5. Glitter beards

glitter beards.jpg

At 5, we have the slightly more masculine version of glitter roots: glitter beards. Got a beard? Got some glitter? Then douse your facial hair in glitter and hope it turns out as good as this guy’s. Not gonna lie, I kinda wish I had a beard so could try this.


4. Dyed armpit hair 

dyed armpit.jpg

At 4, we have dyed armpit hair – proudly modelled in this picture by the rather eccentric Miley Cyrus. Naturally, most people want to rip their armpit hair out before it even has the chance to grow – but some people are embracing their ‘cheveux aisselle‘ by dyeing it bright and bold colours. Not sure if I’d actually try it myself, but kudos to the girls who have.


3. Man buns

man buns.jpg

Top 3! In third place, we have….man buns! If you’ve been following the latest in men’s hairstyles (not going to lie, I haven’t!) – you’d know that the latest new thing is the man bun, because who says guys can’t have long hair? I’m TOTALLY a fan of buns like the one above – but those tiny ones look SO WEIRD.


2. Clown contouring

clown contouring

In 2nd place, we have clown contouring – the slightly zany cousin of normal contouring. If you follow any beauty/makeup accounts on Instagram, you’ll see SO MANY clown contouring videos – fresh-faced bloggers putting seeming random splodges of colour correctors and then ending up looking like they just walked out of a fashion show – it’s that crazy. Plus, I have to give the girl above (@belladelune on instagram) creds for that sneaky poop emoji on her forehead.


1. Kylie Jenner lip challenge 

kylie jenner lip

And in first place, we have the horribly, horribly misguided Kylie Jenner lip challenge. The famous teen is well known for her (fake) lips, which inspired some people to achieve her ‘look’ at home. The ‘Kylie Jenner lip challenge’ involves sucking on a shot glass or something similar for a while – but it’s actually pretty dangerous, seeing as your blood vessels start filling up with blood, and if you do it for too long, you can potentially break blood vessels and do long-term damage. So don’t try it at home, kids!


Thanks for reading guys – hope you enjoyed! What do you think was the craziest trend? Would you try any of these trends? Comment below!


totally tolu

PS: this was supposed to be uploaded ages ago, but I had *technical difficulties*



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