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the city beautiful – orlando holiday blog #1

Hello readers!

No, these past 12 days or so haven’t been the start of a 4-month hiatus (cough cough) – I was actually on holiday surprisingly enough – and I only got back this morning (at like 7am – #prayfortolu) Of course, this means I have loads of pictures and stories to share on the blog (as well as my Youtube channel when I FINALLY START IT), not to mention my Instagram (#holidayspam – check out my insta in the sidebar). So, here it goes.

You can probably tell by the title where I went on holiday – but if you can’t read it at this very moment (don’t worry, it happens to the best of us), I’ve spent the past week in the very beautiful, City Beautiful (see what I did there?) – Orlando, Florida. Having never been to the United States before (or indeed, outside of Europe), I was so excited to go – despite spending a total of 10 or so hours on a plane.

See readers, there’s actually three things Orlando is pretty famous for (well, according to me anyway): oranges (forget California!), theme parks and Disney. Although I didn’t hit up Disney this time (too cool for it, you see) and I’m pretty sure I didn’t consume any oranges during the trip – I definitely visited an awesome, world-famous theme park (more about that later!)

NB: I didn’t actually think about how I was gonna structure this post, so I’ve decided to split it up into a series of three posts. This post will mainly be pictures, whilst the others will mostly be about shopping and other stories. Hope you guys enjoy!

views from the aeroplane, airport and the highway


more views from the road (bc roads are awesome)


photos from universal studios florida


photos from disney springs


photos from the house

Hope you guys enjoyed – stay tuned for the next posts in my holiday series!


totally tolu






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