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shopping haul – orlando holiday blog #2


Let’s face it, you can’t go to America and not do loads of shopping. Plus, there are so many sales – you’re probably better off getting most of your stuff here than in the UK – so that’s exactly what I did. Now I’m not exactly what you’d call a ‘big spender’ (read: I will hold on to my last £20 note until it’s pried out of my cold dead hands) – but I did spend a good $200 or so out of the $300 that I bought. It sounds like a lot (to me anyway) – but I literally got SO MUCH STUFF. Plus, American stores are BIG on sales (the UK really needs to catch up here).

For example, say there’s a $30 jacket from American Eagle that you have your eye on – and then you see that it’s been reduced to $22 in the sales. But then you notice that it’s also in a sales rack which says ‘take an additional 30% off lowest ticketed price’ (my favourite words omg) – that means it actually costs $15.40 (plus tax, 0bvs) – almost 50% off! God bless America.

Anyway, I’ll probably make a video on exactly what I bought (hopefully lol) – but here are a few of my faves:


  1. Forever 21 running leggings – $19.90
    As an athlete, I am forever on the hunt for good running leggings – and I was certainly not disappointed by this pair that I picked up from Forever 21 for $19.90. Not only do they fit perfectly, they also have really cute ‘hidden’ pockets – they make me feel like a ballet dancer for some reason (?)

2. Nike grey half zip – $21


Again, I LOVE buying activewear – and Nike is definitely one of my favourite brands. As well as being super-stylish, this half-zip is going to be great for those cold nights on the track!

3. Hawaii Print Authentic Vans in black – $29.35

0MEFFZ-HEROThese Vans are literally SO cute and vibrant – but casual enough that they go with most outfits. There’s a bit of a tragic story attached to these shoes – I had to hunt through THREE Vans stores to find them. I originally wanted the lace-up ones – but unfortunately, there were none in my size. Instead, I got the slip-on version – and I have to say, they’re really growing on me.

4. Bath & Body Works assorted hand sanitisers – 5 for $6


Fun fact: when I came to America, Bath & Body Works was literally on my hit list of shops to visit – it smells so cool in there! Anyway, I’ve kinda started collecting hand sanitisers recently (weird habit, I know) so why not get some nice-smelling ones? There are so many cool scents to choose from (plus a great deal!) – the ones I got were Fresh Strawberries, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte, Pumpkin Pie and Peach Bellini (disclaimer: I DIDN’T REALISE HOW MUCH PUMPKIN STUFF I GOT BUT OH WELL IT’S BASICALLY FALL)

5. Hollister Palisades Beach scent – $8 (part of 2 for $16 deal)


As you can tell from the last few items, I love nice-smelling stuff. This body spray was such a good deal – plus the scent is so sweet and feminine, along with those classic summer vibes.

Thanks for reading guys – what was your favourite item? Comment below or tweet me @totallytolu !


totally tolu


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