la rentreé

Hi guys!

PS: This was meant to be published on Tuesday but for some reason it didn’t (ultimate betrayal from WordPress) – oh well, here it is anyway.

Quick title translation: ‘la rentrée’ is french for the start of the school year – more commonly known ‘back to school’ over here (collective sigh) – my ‘rentrée’ is unfortunately occurring tomorrow. There’s pretty much two ways it can go – either these three words fill you with a feeling of bubbling anticipation – or nauseating dread (for many people, it’s the latter). I guess I would say that I’m a mix between the two (bubbling dread? nauseating anticipation? who knows?) – there are things which truly excite me about going back to school – and things which make me want to stay under my duvet covers for eternity.

In today’s post, I’m going to definitively rank those feelings – just for fun, of course.

Things that I can’t wait for

#1 friends (not the tv show) – I’ve had my fair share of friendship drama this year (and every year) – but I honestly can’t wait to be around people who make me happy, and people who I can share anything with (of course, I have some of those people outside of my school as well!). Although a lot of things could’ve been better during year 10, I feel like due to the class structure, I’ve made a lot of friends who I barely knew during Year 9. School is kinda funny like that. You can literally never have spoken to someone before – but then when you sit next to each other in class and start talking, it feels like you’ve been friends for ages (literally how my best friend and I met).

#2 purpose – this one sounds kinda deep, but I feel like most people must experience this. Sure, I love the freedom and easy-going nature of summer – but sometimes it gets a little boring. As a person, I love challenges and goals and constantly working towards something (no wonder I’m always tired lmao) – and during the summer, I sometimes feel a little aimless. Although school does give me copious amounts of stress, it also gives me aspirations and aims – it gives me purpose, I guess you could say.

#3 new opportunities – this one kinda comes under the last one – but I still wanted to expand further on it. Of course, a new school year brings loads of new academic opportunities – like awards, and competitions and whatnot. But I’m also anticipating the other opportunities outside of my school life. Like for example, I’m going to be taking part in the local theatre company’s Christmas pantomime this year – and I can’t wait. I’ve really had a chance to rediscover my passion for acting recently, and I’m sure that it’s going to be so much fun (plus I get to miss school!). Likewise, I’m also keen to train more for athletics this year (and actually eat like an athlete lol). I feel like I’ve been slacking recently – mostly due to anxiety (here it goes again) – but hopefully this year I can shake it off and come back bigger and better.

Also, prom! This year, I’ve kinda been obsessed with the idea of prom – and my one’s coming up next July – I literally CAN’T WAIT.

Now, onto the slightly less favourable stuff.

Things that I definitely can wait for (for a very long time)

#1 GCSEs – I’m shuddering even writing the word. If you’re from the UK, you’ll understand my horror. If you’re not, I’ll kindly explain. GCSEs (General Certificate of Secondary Education) are a series of exams you take at the end of Year 11 (or 10th grade) when you’re 16 – people take anywhere from 8-13+ subjects (I’m taking 12). Anyway, some people say that they aren’t that crucial for the future – but they decide which college/sixth form you get into, which can certainly affect your future. Maybe I shouldn’t be worried – after all I have been studying these subjects for the past 1/2 years – but still, I feel so much pressure to get ‘all A*s’ (or A*s and 9s, since they’ve introduced new grades).

#2 Drama – going to an all-girls school (or any school, for that matter), means there’s no shortage of drama. As much as you try and avoid it, it always catches up to you in some way or form – whether it’s arguments or rumours or just plain nastiness. Drama, despite its name, is boring. It’s pointless – and all it does is waste energy. I, for one, have made a pledge to avoid negativity this year – let’s just see how that turns out.

#3 Sleep deprivation and the all-encompassing nature of school – let’s face it, sleep deprivation is one of the biggest problems facing teenagers (along with all the other problems) – and even I’m not immune. No matter how early I try to go to bed, there’s always something getting in the way – a forgotten piece of homework, another 10 minutes of last-minute revision – or even the allure of scrolling through Instagram for a bit longer. Then, there’s school itself. You (well, I) get stuck in this horrid little cycle: school, work, sleep, school, work, sleep – you get the picture. Soon enough, nothing else matters – our thoughts are dictated by the next approaching test. It’s not pleasant – and it’s definitely not healthy. I believe the only way to ‘break the spell’ is to find things that you really enjoy outside of school, and pursue them with all your heart.

Thanks for reading! When do you go back to school and what are you (not) looking forwards to? Comment below!


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