My Stories

This page contains a basic overview of all my stories – which are all on the story-sharing website Wattpad, so be free to check those out! Some of them are finished and some are ongoing, but all are available to read. Click on each picture to view the story!

New! She’s Still A Skater Girl – Teen Fiction, Ongoing

(Sequel to She’s Just A Skater Girl)

she's still a skater girl cover

Charming skater boys. Bratty sisters. And a summer no-one will forget. Riley and Trent are back in London for the summer, and despite recent events, Riley is excited to go back to England, and spend time with Jake as friends. However, when a devilishly charming new skater boy arrives in town with his gorgeous sister, things get complicated – not to mention the local council threatening to shut down Pole Hill. Meanwhile, Riley and Jake find what’s left of their relationship crumbling to pieces, causing Riley to seek refuge with the mysterious new boy. As sparks fly and jealousy rears its ugly head, Riley finds herself wondering if she’s still a skater girl after all.

She’s Just A Skater Girl – Teen Fiction, Completed

skater girl

When 15-year old skater girl Riley is forced to move to move to England with her parents (and her pretty-boy brother, Trent) and leave her best friends Mason and Lee – not to mention the beloved Ridgeway Skatepark, she is less than pleased. After all, who even knows if London has skate parks?  However, when Riley arrives in London, she discovers that they do have skate parks…including one called Pole Hill, home of the elite Uxbridge skateboarders – more importantly the all-male skateboarders. When Riley has to deal with sexist skater boys, overprotective brothers and a particularly devious boy, she’s left wondering if she moving to London was really a good thing at all.   After all, she’s just a skater girl.

Vegas – Teen Fiction, Ongoing


During term time, high schoolers Mae, Ollie, Sierra and Benn are as far apart as people in the same school can be. Mae is the Harvard-destined brainiac, Ollie is the heartthrob quarterback, Sierra is the leading lady in every production and Benn is the brooding foster kid mourning the death of his parents.

When it rolls around to summer vacation each of them have their respective plans – plans that don’t involve each other whatsoever, and don’t plan to either.

But when each of them are offered the trip of a life time to Vegas – and a whole lot of cash too – these teenagers end up ditching their summer plans for what seems like Heaven.

The only catch is – they’re all going together.

 Home In Time, Teen Fiction, Completed

home in time

❝I say we go on a little pre-Christmas vacation.” Finley suggested.


Kez’s turning 18, and what better way to celebrate it then to go on a little pre-Christmas camping trip with your best friends? Unfortunately, Kez, Bronwyn, Finley, Sampson and Harper get more than they bargained for when a freak blizzard hits a week before Christmas, trapping them miles away from home, with no way to get back.

When tensions rise, feelings are hurt and friendships are inevitably strained. Will these 5 friends be able to make it home in time to celebrate Christmas with their families?❞


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